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Mediclinic Middle East is part of Mediclinic International, one of the top 10 listed private healthcare groups in the world with 52 private hospitals in Southern Africa, 16 in Switzerland under the name Hirslanden and 2 hospitals and 10 clinics in the UAE. Mediclinic International’s headquarters are in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Previously EHL Management Services, the company became Mediclinic Middle East when its majority shareholder, Mediclinic International, acquired all remaining shares from its partners Varkey Group and General Electric in October 2012.

Mediclinic Middle East owns and operates some of the most respected healthcare facilities in the region. These include Mediclinic Welcare Hospital, Mediclinic City HospitalMediclinic Dubai Mall, Mediclinic Ibn Battuta Mediclinic Meadows, Mediclinic Arabian Ranches, Mediclinic Mirdif, Mediclinic Al Qusais,Mediclinic Al Sufouh, Mediclinic Beach Road, ediclinic Corniche and Mediclinic Al Hili. Mediclinic Middle East operates according to the same brand values as Mediclinic International, namely the 'Science of Care'.

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Two Major UAE Healthcare Groups Mediclinic Middle East

About Malaffi: Malaffi - the Abu Dhabi Health Information Exchange

It is the zone's primary Health Exchange Information platform, operated by Abu Dhabi Health Data Services that allows a safer and secure connection between public and private healthcare service providers of Abu Dhabi. It delegates the process of exchanging patient information to the physicians, using a streamlined database of patient's records, diagnosis, routine check-ups, or radiology. With the help of AI technology and machine learning, it will accelerate the future of public health in Abu Dhabi by decreasing disease, improved healthier results, and prolonged public life.

The Malaffi process and affairs are operated by Abu Dhabi Health Data Services – which is authorized as a partnership between the public department of health and Injazat Data System, a subsidiary private investment company. It hosts various healthcare organizations on a single platform that will collectively work towards a safe health process for Abu Dhabi residents.

Recently ADHIE has announced on 7th July 2019 about the merge of two significant healthcare groups of UAEs who have signed the membership agreement:

  • Mediclinic Middle East
  • NMC Healthcare

What is the Mediclinic Middle East, and how it works?

Mediclinic International is listed under London Stock Exchange private healthcare company, which has operating subsidiaries in Switzerland, South Africa, and UAE. Mediclinic Middle East is a subsidiary of its International sub-division in UAE. The baseline works on scientific research, art treatments, and tools used to improve patients' health conditions. It has about seven hospitals, twenty clinics with above nine hundred beds in UAE.

What is NMC Healthcare, and how it works?

NMC is one of the potent healthcare chains headquartered in Abu Dhabi with regional offices in Dubai, Northern Emirates, Al Ain, and Ajman. It is one of the largest private healthcare centers in the UAE, providing health services such as diagnostics, radiology, eyecare, ortho care, heart care, urocare and retail pharmacy. They are one of the supreme wholesalers, dealing with pharmaceuticals products, equipment, food, and cosmetics items. Companies such as Nestle, Pfizer, Sanofi do have NMC healthcare as their Distributor

Now that we are familiar with their origin and how they regulate for the welfare of public health and safety. We shall proceed with the partnership, how it will contribute to the UAEs healthcare sector.
Malaffi has over two thousand private and public healthcare service providers who work for three million UAE population. Mediclinic Middle East and NMC Healthcare are now vital groups of participants at Malaffi. However, few new bodies have joined in last December with Malaffi to ensure excellent support and smooth functioning, including:

  • Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA)
  • Imperial College London Diabetes Centre
  • Cleveland Clinic
  • Health point
  • United East Medical Services
  • Oasis Hospital

The collective efforts of these organizations have led to the operating of two hospitals and three forty-two clinics in Abu Dhabi.

The collaboration of Mediclinic Middle East and NMC Healthcare with Malaffi is a significant milestone towards the dedicated aim of improving public prolonged health and patient’s recovery within the entire Abu Dhabi.

All these are feasible due to the convenience and high calibre of Healthcare Information Exchange Platform like Malaffi, which assist in cooperative patient data and making it accessible on a universal platform. Later, by the following year, Malaffi has planned to collect the health information from half of the Abu Dhabi patients in the hospital.

Let us see what the management and board of directors have to say about this delightful collaboration of two major UAEs health care groups with Malaffi.

Mr. Atif Al Braiki, the CEO of Abu Dhabi Health Data Service, has shared his view on the solid foundation of Malaffi that will help foster clinical adoption at a faster rate.

Mr. David Hadley, the Chief Executive Officer of Mediclinic Middle East, is glad to extend his support by joining hands with Malaffi. This health strategy will benefit the health care sector system by driving towards a safer process resulting in decreased errors, no copied test, and authentic medications to be supplied in the hospital.

"We are happy that one of the largest health participants of the Emirates is collaborating with Malaffi. We are looking forward to gaining the benefits of developing new policies and potent healthcare programs. The decision-making of doctors will also be wiser based on the patient's record. This information platform will help show the one-time treatment efficacy in patients of Emirates by reducing the number of check-ups at the hospital." – said by Mr. H.E. Mohammed Hamad AI Hameli under-secretary of the Department of Health.

Unlike Malaffi, NMC Healthcare is also the largest private company in the healthcare sector, an only Abu Dhabi headquartered company listed in London. NMC aims at leveraging technology in the health unit as Malaffi does. The structure strives to bring together all the health sector stakeholders on a universal platform to exchange information, knowledge, and experiences. Mr. Prasanth Manghat, the CEO and Executive Director of NMC Healthcare, also believed that such a firm partnership would help in enhancing the transparency of information, availability, and responsibility among the healthcare service providers and patients.

Mediclinic and Al Noor enter agreement to create UAE’s largest private healthcare company

The combination, announced on 14 October and subject to the usual approval processes, brings together two companies with complementary strengths. As one, they will create a healthcare provider which is bigger, stronger and even better able to meet the needs of our patients.

Mediclinic Middle East Announces Free Health Checks to mark World Heart Day

Mediclinic City Hospital, Mediclinic Welcare Hospital, Mediclinic Dubai Mall and all other Mediclinic Middle East facilities will provide complimentary blood cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure and BMI checks on 29 September at 12 different locations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain

Mediclinic Middle East

The Mediclinic Middle East Paediatric Conference is designed to address the needs of clinicians with an interest in Paediatrics and it is aimed at those who are looking for a comprehensive, fact-filled and stimulating update.

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Mediclinic MiddleEast

Mediclinic City Hospital's Breast Cancer Support Group is targeted at all those with an interest in breast cancer, particularly those who have a personal or family history of the disease, and who would like to share their experiences or address their queries to our panel of experts.

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Mediclinic MiddleEast

Mediclinic City Hospital’s Obesity and Metabolic Disorders Centre is now open to treat individuals battling the condition.

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Mediclinic Middle East

Mediclinic Welcare Hospital and Mediclinic City Hospital now run comprehensive antenatal programmes every month which cover topics such as birth plans, premature and special care babies, labour & delivery, postnatal care, or prenatal & postnatal exercises.

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Mediclinic Middle East

Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics provides a framework for directors and employees within the Mediclinic Group of the standards of business conduct and ethics that is required of them.

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Department of Health - the sole regulatory body of the Healthcare sector at Abu Dhabi. (All private and public healthcare companies including Malaffi, operates under the umbrella of DOH regulations and standard)

It ensures the excelled mechanism in the healthcare community of doctors, lab assistants, pharmacists, and other healthcare service providers. It aims to monitor the overall health ratio of the Emirates population. DOH is the one who forms and defines the health strategy to run the entire system, observe and examine the health ratio of the residents of Abu Dhabi. It is also responsible for framing the regulatory policies that will lay upon the design, impose standards, and inspect misleading information. DOH is open to adopting world-class health performances and practices by focusing on implementing on all of the healthcare service providers in the Emirate. The department also steers awareness programs to adapt healthy standard of living among the Emirates residents. It also strives to deliver premium services and the refund policy of the healthcare sector in Abu Dhabi.

What does DOH expect from Malaffi? The Department of Health, Abu Dhabi, looks forward to establishing all licensed healthcare companies in the Emirates to participate in Malaffi, ADHIE. It has stated to connect all the healthcare service companies to join Malaffi by the end of 2019.

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History of Mediclinic Middle East

Mediclinic Middle East is a division of Mediclinic International that operates a single platform for private hospitals in South Africa, Namibia, Switzerland, and UAE.

Before knowing about the history of the Mediclinic Middle East, let us go back to 1983 in the history of Mediclinic International. Dr. Edwin Hertzog, who was the existing chairman of Remgro Group located at Stellenbosch, South Africa. He undertook a research study on how fruitful and profit-making private hospitals could be. This study led to the origin of Mediclinic International in South Africa.

After three years, Mediclinic International has established three hospitals in the process, with four hospitals at the commission. Approximately after twenty years of managing internationally, Mediclinic developed an interest in joining the Healthcare sector at Emirates of Dubai and UAE by owning one hospital, five clinics, and two hospitals proposal in the future.

  • In 2007, they also obtained one of the largest private hospitals named Hirslanden in Switzerland.
  • Later, in the year 2015, they also hold a 29.9% share for thirty-eight hospitals in Spire Healthcare – London

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Origin of Mediclinic Middle East t

The UAE story was written in the year 2007 by capturing the interest in Emirates Healthcare which turned into the complete acquisition of the rest in the year 2012. Four years later, in 2016, they took over a group of AI Noor Hospitals and clinics.

It's been 35 years and still counting; the Mediclinic Middle East has multiplied. In today's times , it is one of the largest private healthcare groups based nationally and internationally.