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Custom orthotics has been the mainstay of treatment for many foot and ankle pathologies for more than 50 years. Mediclinic has become the leading orthotics supplier in the region, servicing multiple referral sources as well as several external care facilities as their supplier of choice. We are incredibly proud of the custom-made foot orthotics we provide and the huge changes these make to people’s everyday lives. Thought there are many types of orthotics on the market, and different theories in the treatment rationale, the key to our success has been adopting the MASS theory as the backbone of our treatment modalities. MASS (maximal arch subtalar stabilisation) position, gait referenced casting and the orthotics manufactured based on this theory have brought about revolutionary improvements in lower limb management programmes.

To those interested in the clinical concept and who want more information on Dr Edward Glaser, the MASS theory or gait-referenced casting, please contact mcme.oandp@mediclinic.ae or visit Sole Supports™ at http://www.solesupports.com.

All our orthotists have been personally trained by Dr. Glaser in the MASS theory and the position casting technique. This ensures correct, standardised and professional casting techniques are followed preventing the capturing of deformed foot positions. As a golden rule pressure mats are never used as these have been proven to only generate a computer interpretation of what the foot looks like. Orthotics supplied on the basis of a foot scan are not custom insoles.

Mediclinic’s orthotics team ensures its patients and partners receive orthotics that achieve the optimal outcomes you expect from a quality evidence-based orthotic service. Sole Supports™ Custom Orthotics are made for every individual, matching the exact corrected arch of the foot.

  • Sole Supports™ are the only orthotics that are “custom calibrated” to flex according to body weight
  • Flexible enough for comfort, yet enough control to actually change foot function
  • Many college and professional athletes wear Sole Supports, since they maximise improvement in posture, injury prevention, balance and athletic performance
  • Patients are able to use their orthotics in the majority of their footwear

For more information please see specific brochures below with links to download:

Many common medical conditions are caused by faulty foot biomechanics and can be either corrected, prevented or treated with Sole Supports™ custom insoles.

For more information on our services or to book an appointment, please call 04 378 0136 or contact mcme.oandp@mediclinic.ae or visit Sole Supports™ at http://www.solesupports.com

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